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Hang On To Accessories: Simple & Timeless


You have an arsenal of clothing apt for all occasions in your wardrobe. Be it travelling with street-ready capsules or tailored staples to lift your boardroom lunches, everything you need is just a drawer away. There’s nothing to hold you back at any point in your daily chores.


But is it just clothes that can put a spin to your chic feminine look? Isn’t there something that can be added on top so you can unchain a normal yet a little monotonous routine? Depending on the choices we have, the ways to step up the ladder are always there, even though everything looks well-focused. The bottom line is that when it comes to pull-off trend-led looks, then a few twists and twirls come handy, be it donning an accessory or doing preppy hairdos.

Well, an accessory is more than just an accessory. It’s a kind of minute yet such an important detail that sounds more than just a rehearsal. How you play with it, is all that matters.

An AM-to-PM roster is incomplete without a carryall. From vintage tans to contemporary textures and prints, a bag is more than just an investment. Be it carrying a tablet, everyday essentials, cards or car keys, everything can be stowed with ease if a perfect IT-bag is by your side. With no signs of slowing down, bags and wallets turn out to be the kind of accessories that gives a fresh perspective to even a simple wardrobe and change the game in a whole new way. For instance, carrying a tote or hobo on shoulders or a quirky croc-textured clutch in the palm of your hands, it’s always the size and signature that matters. Pastels to thoughtful tones and textures elevate the street game with flair.

Another category to pin-up is the gripping sunglasses. The shades a person dons tell a lot about that individual. More than just an impression, it embarks an unmatched appeal to any silhouette and body type. Based on facial structures, an individual can opt for varying types of sunglasses. For those with raw and effortless tastes in style, the classic aviators and tortoiseshell or acetate frames tend to be the favourites. From hipsters to Instagrammers to business executives to social media influencers, anybody can hit notes of cool, thanks to the presence of wayfarers, cat-eyes and clubmasters in their capsule. The cufflinks, metallic pins, finger rings, bracelets and pocket squares come handy when the occasion calls for a graceful and a more polished appearance.

For those with a witty sense of humour and a drive to inject expressions without any effort, hats make a riveting add-on. A perfect go-to for music festivals, travels, ball games and under-the-sun meetings, the impact of a hat is unparalleled. From fedoras to homburgs to bucket hats to coco hats, stashing one or two of them surely adds an extra point to your well-dressed to bad-hair days.

When the wrists feel a little light, the world of timepieces come knocking at the door. Watches make sure your hands never feel aloof when you’re out. Over the years, the watches have kept evolving from spring-driven clocks of 15th century to pocket watches of 17th century. And now the timepieces vary from analogue to chronograph to smartwatches. On or off, the hourglass beholds, not just the sand, but moments too.

Apart from these ancillaries, stationery items are also important. Be it a soft wiping cloth for laptops or the classic pen-and-notepad combination for jotting down remarks and other points, it’s always good to have a stock of these office supplies in your line of essentials.

The punch and the drive that an accessory can bring on the table is so vital yet surreal that surely can flip a few heads on the way. They let you converse and eject a personality, not just in moments, but over time as well. So make sure you have the ones you need.

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