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Named after the Arabic word for power, Qua is committed to designing collections that act as a natural extension of yourself and make you feel the most you. Our wide range of 'modern classics' reflects both an eye towards the future and nostalgia for old school elegance.

The homegrown brand describes the strong, independent and fearless woman of today. She is a confident and ambitious woman who knows exactly what she wants and does not fail to assert herself.

Cheers to our woman

Every piece is tailored keeping in mind the contemporary woman with a multifaceted life. While she has an eye for adventure, her personal sense of style and comfort is more inspiring than following trends. She wants a closet that works as hard as she does, so she can move mountains in her personal and professional journey. To her, Qua is the fast track to fashion - a discovery of tireless attire.

About the Founders

Qua founders

Qua is founded Divya, Rupanshi and Bharat, who realised that there was a massive gap between women’s workwear and its quality. “While I was working in tech, I realised shopping for workwear was a disappointing process.” said Rupanshi, “my only choice was between monotonous styles and uninspired designs that would make me sweat and uncomfortable to sit in.” Going back and forth on the idea to cater to this problem, Rupanshi shared her dilemma with her sister, Divya and finally took a leap of faith. And that's how Qua was founded.

After exploring options to attain a superior quality fabric and structure in India, the duo was still not satisfied. Reaching out across seas, Turkey’s rich fabrics and production intrigued Rupanshi and thus, became their ground zero. Picking up high-end quality fabrics and combining them with perfect tailoring and a dedicated workforce, Qua’s clothing came into being.
Qua founders
“We envision Qua to be a one-stop shop for the modern working woman. Providing her with chic and functional clothing and accessories, we want to cater to all her wardrobe-related needs. Sourcing the best materials from across the world, our products are high in quality but also accessible and attainable.” - Divya

How We’re Reviving the Art of Power Dressing

Thoughtful Designs: Breaking away from those monotonous tones and unexciting styles, our designs are packed with top-notch cuts and structured shoulders with attention to details. Exploring the needs of the working woman, our designs are made to boost your confidence. Whether it is through longer cuffs or immaculately framed collars, our details combine the classic styles with modern silhouettes.

Premium Quality Fabrics: Quality is the core of our philosophy and thus, we’re always looking for the best of the best.  Moving away from polyester that makes you sweat, we choose light-weight, soft-to-touch comfortable fabrics that allow you to breathe and move freely. With fabrics like Turkish cotton, viscose and wool blends, our designs allow comfort, breathability and functionality.

Trans-seasonal Wear: Bring up your workwear game throughout all seasons! Creating a trans-seasonal edit in cozy and lightweight fabrics, you can choose to beat the heat or work through the cold without making a stop with our range of blazers and suits.

Ethical Sourcing: We believe in sourcing the best and paying for it too. Understanding the need and the working conditions of labour, we keep into account the environment and reward all our collaborators fairly.

Our goal is to always create something magical, aspirational but still rooted in reality.