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How To Start The Day Like Highly Successful Women

As my alarm went off, I opened my eyes, threw my blanket aside and sat upright at the edge of the bed. After 5 minute contemplation of my importance in this universe, I realised it was better to get back into my bed. But that is my morning routine, with last night’s pillow talks filled with regrets and few faint hopes for a better tomorrow and a book dog eared at the page with motivating lines, my mornings have never gone according to plan. But duty calls and life awaits, there is yet another day in front of me to live, without any mistakes in it yet.

If you have watched ‘Modern times'  by Charlie Chaplin, you will realize how automated our lives have become, we begin our days mindlessly, and thus spend our entire day on autopilot. If we want to take control of our days, we need to steer our mornings in the right direction.There are some people who manage to start their day with the same vigour and enthusiasm for years and that is what sets them apart from the crowd.

From burning incense to doing power yoga, these women have stuck to certain habits that dictate their mornings and that helped them be successful.

1. Be an early bird

Most successful women like to start their day early. This gives them time to rewire their brains and bodies, and spend time with their families. Author of the book “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up”, Marie Kondo starts her day at 6:30 am and the first thing she does is letting fresh air in by opening the windows. When asked how long she has been doing this, she says it has been her day starter since childhood. She then calms her aura by burning incense and thus starts her day with a dash of positivity.

2. Visualize to actualize

It is very important to wake up with a fresh mind set for a fresh start of the day. Like plants need water to rejuvenate, some women need meditation while others would settle for a hot cup of coffee. Adrianna Huffington, the founder of Huffington Post says her day starts with the simple notion of not checking her phone first thing in the morning. The brain does not require so many simulations. She does breathing exercises for better focus and then sets goals by visualising her day ahead.

3. Let actions motivate you

Someone has rightly said that motivation comes from doing actions not the other way round. Locke’s goal setting theory for motivation states that you have set small and attainable goals so that the sense of accomplishment can drive you and motivate you to move forward. So many successful women like Cameron Diaz and Gretchen Rubin start off their day by making their own beds. This small task gives an instant sense of accomplishment which sets a positive tone for the entire day.

4. Fuel yourself up

Eating a healthy breakfast has been stressed by many scientists. If you start your day on an empty stomach you are more likely to feel cranky and frustrated.

I don't believe in strict diets or starving yourself; eat three meals a day. I believe in eating a good breakfast, a good lunch and a light dinner. Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a queen, and eat dinner like a pauper. Your ultimate goal is to eat all the basic food groups in those three different meals.” said Denise Austin. Wendy Koleter and Audrey Hepburn are also cheerleaders of the breakfast club. The former prefers smoothies while the latter eats eggs and whole wheat toasts.

5. Workout to cut the stress out

Many successful women have known to start off their day by some workout regime. “If you are in a bad mood go for a walk.If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk.”― Hippocrates

Yes many people will agree with it, even my own mother. Katie kime, Emma heming willis  and new mother, Simone Boyce all dedicate a few minutes of their morning to a healthy workout session. Exercise releases dopamine in our brains which gives us a sense of happiness. And as they say you are never fully dressed without a smile, so why refrain from feeling a little happy.

Be it spending time with your loved one or nail your getting-ready routine, the first thing you do in the morning should not put you down in the morning itself. These women spent years getting to that one perfect routine which helps them to extract the max out of their day. As James Clear says in his book the ‘Atomic habits’- if you wish you change something, you have to start by changing your perspectives, your beliefs. Your attempts to do so, every action you take in that direction will build up your new identity.

Things take time to change, even God took 7 days to build up everything from scratch. Design your life according to your own needs and dreams and aspirations, do not wait for the rainbow, paint the sky with your own favourite colour.

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