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“I Am Qualified.” - Real Stories of Real Women on Real Issues

WOMAN - at the very mention of this word, people start defining what their roles are to be. We believe it's time to paint a new picture that redefines this perception. 

As a brand, our aim has constantly been to elevate the boss lady that resides inside every woman. We create magic and aspiration rooted in reality for the modern woman. She is confident and assertive and knows exactly what she wants.

It is not rare, however, to have the capabilities of women doubted frequently simply because of their gender. And our new campaign, #IAmQUAlified, highlights exactly that.

We wish to put forward stories of fearless women of today, and take a peek into their ambitious souls. We want to show people what it feels like to be a woman with ambition who is constantly under scrutiny, and remind people that we are qualified. 

We reached out to real women driven by zeal and conscience, and they were as passionate as we are about wanting to bring change. Their experiences and journeys truly resonated with us and we genuinely urge you to have a read and feel inspired.

"No matter what goal you choose to go after, there will always be someone telling you that you are wrong," said Upasana Aggarwal, a designer, architect, and creative director. With her feet in many shoes, she describes how women are still struggling to find their footing in a man’s world and entrepreneurship is no different. 

However, as reaffirmed by Elora Nath, copywriter, "Only I held the power to choose what I wanted – to go down or to rise above," and so do we. 

From conversations around internalised misogyny with Urshia Fatima, fashion designer, to often being taken as "available" for being independent, as Aishwarya, founder of Youthance explained, we touch upon several problems that are normalised occurrences in our lives. As a team of many women, we relate, understand, and support each and every one of you in your endeavours. Thank you all for being a part of this initiative! 

We are all QUALIFIED.


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