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Power Suit For Different Personalities. Which One Are You?

With offices opening up (fully or partially), we are excited to get dressed up again. We’ve been craving some style and glamour after months and months of tracksuit fatigue. Sartorially polished and pre-styled, power suits are the perfect antidote to the insipid Zoom-era pj’s.

Casual-yet-crisp power suits are a freakin’ mood, and lately we’ve been seeing them everywhere from the streets to our feeds. Whether it’s a zoom meeting or an office one, a dinner party or a tour of the museum, suits will help you thrive, for sure! They add versatility and flexibility to your wardrobe with fashion-forward colours and fits that can be mixed and matched to switch from AM to PM. “I cannot go past a suit, in any shape or size. It says everything I want it to say and makes me feel the most me," says Divya, our Chief Creative Officer.

For you, I have rounded up 6 fictional women whose power suit game is bang on. Look for pieces that convey your sense of style and personality. Let the fun begin!

For the nerdy rule breaker

Who says you have to play by the rules all the time? This Amy Santiago inspired look combines the seriousness of the grey suit with the playfulness of the brick red shirt. While the suit conveys a “I mean business” vibe, the peeping bold hued shirt says “I am having fun too.” This outfit is perfect for all the Amys out there who are ambitious and nerdy without being dull or boring. Pull your hair back in a bun or let it loose, you will look sleek either way.

For the silent winners

People like Olivia Pope believe in solving problems and working hard without seeking recognition. The latte brown Menaka suit is well suited for such a personality. It’s bold enough without being too loud and modish enough without being trendy. The blazer’s subtle colour, rounded shape and smooth cuts provide an overall calm and sophisticated mood. This power suit is the right choice for someone who keeps her outfits minimal to let her true personality shine through. 

For the fashion lover

It’s tough to keep a fashion lover in check when it comes to professional wear. It has to be the perfect balance of standing out and blending in. And no one gets that recipe right quite like Rachel Green. Perhaps her chicest outfit was the one she wore to her “Gucky” interview. Pairing the understated yet unconventional black suit with a stylised crisp shirt, she showed us all why black and white can never be boring! What makes this outfit exemplary is the short length and single-button closure of the blazer lending an hourglass shape, just like our Indra Suit. 

For the classic souls

Do you like pantsuits but aren’t a huge fan of very experimental styles? Well, my friend, you are a classic at heart. And for you, there is nothing better than a classic blue suit. Make Annalise Keating your style spirit guide because she might have a lot on her plate but she is never out of fashion. This suit’s classic elegance and the inky midnight blue colour are a perfect amalgamation of glamour and authority like Keating and you are bound to make a distinct statement in it. It is neither too overwhelming nor too stuffy, so with this power suit channel your inner lover of classics.

For the socialite

The powder pink suit is a refreshing change from all the greys and blacks, and its blush tone flatters all the skin tones. Its upbeat and optimistic vibe reminds me of Samantha Jones who is often seen wearing fun colours and bold styles. If you have a socially demanding life like hers, wear this versatile power suit; its clean lines, impeccable cuts and perfect fit will make you stand out in any room you are in.

For the workaholic

This oxford blue modern suit is a wardrobe must-have for every workaholic like Bradley Jackson. Being in a demanding industry isn’t easy and requires clothes that offer comfortability and functionality more than style. Whether you are working from home and want to look polished for the camera or need to stay comfortable and composed in the office, this suit will assist in everything. It can easily be dressed up or down, which is perfect, because, with all your hard work, I am sure a promotion is on its way.

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