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Say Yes To The Colour ‘Blue’ To Fight Off The Mid-week Blues

Does thinking about work trigger overwhelming emotions of anxiety, gloominess, or stress? Are you lacking the motivation to work? If you nodded in affirmation to all these questions, then you might have a case of ‘midweek blues’. The ‘midweek blues’ are described as a set of negative emotions originating from the brain, that makes everything around you boring. It contains elements of tiredness, hopelessness, and a feeling that work is unpleasant but unavoidable. 

To fight off the ‘midweek blues’ in the lockdown period, it is important to stay motivated and create a soothing environment. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then wearing ‘blue’ could be a solution. The tranquil hue of blue is calming, centering, and clearing. It conveys a sense of trustworthiness and can be very effective during  intense discussions or meetings. This colour has cooling properties and stimulates insight and a clear view on a topic or situation. 

So, if you are lacking the motivation to get up and work, here are a few tricks to fight off the Mid-week blues in a fashion-forward way by wearing the colour ‘Blue’-

Calm your body in a relaxed Indigo Blouse

According to Ayurveda, there are different therapeutic colours that bring benefits and provoke emotions. The summer season is ruled by ‘Pitta Dosha- known for being associated with a tenacious personality, the pitta dosha is based on fire and water. To counterbalance the naturally fiery personality, softer and cooler shades of blue helps in boosting the dosha and leaves a peaceful effect on the mind. Pair an indigo Satin front pleat blouse with trousers for your next zoom meeting to get away from the mid-week blues.

Suit up to feel energetic

women formal pant suit for summer

Another way to beat the Mid-week blues is by getting out of bed with determination to conquer the world!  It is said that when you look good, you feel good. And that’s exactly what a powerful outfit can do. Apart from the compliments it’ll fetch you,  starting the day feeling good is half the battle won on Monday mornings. So bring out the power suit from your closet this week and build back your lost motivation and confidence.

Co-ords in fresh hues is a win-win

Summers call for fresh hues and comfort. An outfit that delivers both is a winner!  Studies say that wearing shades of blue creates a calming essence and lowers the blood pressure as well. These soft hues are perfect for the summer season and never go out of fashion. A matching set is a no brainer when you want to look put together without any effort. Keep the look minimal with the perfect loungewear summer co-ord set. The monochromatic co-ord look will elongate your silhouette with an added sophistication and style.

Twisted front dress to liven up your day

women formal dress Add a dash of vibrancy to your dull week with a voluminous dress in a striking shade of blue. The liveliness of the colour and the fluidity of the dress will brighten up your day in no time. Compliment the magnificent dress with statement jewelry and heels. Add a touch of dewy makeup to glam up the look. From date nights to house parties, this dress works for every occasion.

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