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The Collar Mixtape

When it comes to formalwear, you cannot strike out the specifics in a jiffy. Specifics are like possibilities that bring a flair to any outfit or a simple piece of clothing. Be it the mother-of-pearl buttons, the neat cuff and collar linings, the shape of the points between collars, overall stitching, or intricate cufflinks, everything breathes a language that’s hidden behind-the-scenes yet so innately crucial. When these minute details are carefully looked at and thoroughly crafted, then that hints an inclination towards virtuous and covetable tailoring.

Opting for a collar is totally about personal inclinations and occasions. Boardroom players who like to stay sharp and confident base their tailoring game on sang-froid permutations and combinations. Corporate dressing is synonymous with concrete virtues of suaveness and design, and collars play an indispensable role in flipping the league with ease. Collars on shirts and blazers are quite distinctive, and a few key tweaks around them are sure to spin the ball with a blink of an eye.

Cutaway Collar  Button-down Collar  Forward-point Collar

The styles with a more sartorial take on power dressing include cutaway, button-down, and forward-point collars. A no-brainer as they are, they can easily sum up a bold and sophisticated boardroom handle. The points of a cutaway collar slant towards the shoulders, while streamlining a preppy look. Button-down collar, as the name suggests, are secured with buttons on the collar points, and have a slightly laid-back aesthetic. Sometimes, for a slight variation in appearance, the buttons are concealed behind the collar points, emulating the look of a spread or point collar. When space is less between the spread of a forward- point collar, it makes a viable option to fit slimmer tie knots.

  Mandarin Collar- Womenswear  Relaxed White Shirt for Women

With time, the credentials of a formal dress code have moved towards effortless capsules, courtesy of incorporating spread, mandarin, and club collars into the arena. To be precise, the collar points in spread collar are slightly more as compared to pointed ones, making it a practical pick to adjust larger tie knots.
Unofficial, optional and relaxed, that’s what defines a mandarin collar. When the collar points are slightly sanded off for a more insouciant appeal, it creates round edges, forming club collars. Besides these styles, collars like Peter Pan, turtlenecks, sailor collars, pussy-bows, and jabot collars set the tone for a relaxed, post-work mien.

Fuss-free, neat and sharp, these are the words that come to mind when blazer collars come out of the shade. The stakes are high when it comes to nabbing a sleek corporate look. To begin with, a notch lapel is defined by a concave indent where the lapel fabric and the collar fabric faces each other. When it comes to a more structured corporate dressing, peak lapel hooks the radar. Unlike notch lapel, the meeting point revives the concave indent by topping it with a triangle-shape fabric that faces towards the shoulders. 

Lastly, a shawl collar is exactly what the name suggests. This style has no peaks and no notches; it looks like an uninterrupted strip of fabric that slims off at the tip of button closure.

Coordination is the key that sets the tone of any outfit. So just pop the collar right and make sure your accessories are in-hand and mules cut the chase. Period.


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