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How to Make a Good First Impression

There must have been times in your life when you have absolutely blown the chance to make a good impression. When it comes to making a good impression, there are a lot of ifs and buts involved. Especially for a job interview or meeting your co-workers for the first time, there’s a balance that you need to make. But can that be done with your attire too? Absolutely!

Now we all know the Power Suit is the ultimate formal wear that not only boosts your confidence but can show off your feminine side too. With subtle details that catch the eye or with a printed shirt to break away from the crowd, there are numerous ways to catch the right attention. Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind:

When in doubt, Pick Semi-Formal

White shirt & Green trousers for women

If you’re going for a job interview, a formal suit is a perfect way to go. But in this ever-evolving century, the definition of formal attires has largely changed. So if you feel that formal is not the way for you, choose to go with semi-formal. The perfect combination is a brightly coloured or textured shirt with a neutral trouser that adds that little extra to your attire. You can also play around with prints or pair up with straight skirts too. 

Comfort Comes First

Many of us choose to wear formal wear with the three-piece suit and shoes that go with it. However, the weather might not allow you to wear a blazer all day long. Or maybe that straight trouser isn’t really your style. With different body types and individual style, there are a lot of doubts. So instead of following the norm, make sure that you’re comfortable in your attire. Whether it’s a tucked out shirt look or a tapering trouser or flat shoes, when you’re comfortable, you’re also confident. And then, nothing else matters! 

Stand Out with Some Colour

Mint green shirt

When there are 10 other people for that job interview, there’s no need to become part of the crowd! Instead, add that little colour or print that shows off your style and personality. If you like floral prints or a pastel shade, add a shirt or maybe a pair of shoes that create a contrast. If you’re big on fashion, you can also pick the trend of a monochrome pant-suit or skirt-suit. 

Most Importantly, Be Yourself

Grey pantsuit for women

Whether it is about picking out the right clothes or adding those comfortable pair of shoes, make sure that you’re being yourself. Flaunt your self-confidence with style and nail that first introduction or interview or even that pitch meeting, all the while staying true to yourself. With the added element of flair, of course.

So if you’re ever in doubt, all you need to do is tick these 4 points of your list and you’ll be set for all schedules in a jiffy.


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