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Power Dressing- The Essentials

The shift is ephemeral, and so is power. Every shift is an extension of the power that grows with time. But what makes every shift evolve? The answer lies in perceptions, culture, and lifestyle changes that have seen exemplary growth over the years. Be it fashion weeks, boardrooms, streets, Vine, Instagram, graffitis, colour palettes or dress codes, everything unfolds certain avenues.

Power dressing has certainly created ripples in the ring of workwear capsules over time. But it’s not just the workspaces that stick to this term, it’s more than that. Women of power wear colours as confidence, expression as their forte, and entrepreneurship as their growth catalyst. Their belief in changing norms while adhering to the basics is what makes them who they are.

Semi formal shirt for Women office wear

Minimal, Timeless and Bold – three simple words explore what a woman’s innate sense of power dressing means to her. Be it sticking to a 9-to-5 profile job or an irrefutably cool creative head of an ad agency, powerful women are leading everywhere, no matter how turbulent the times are. There lies a free spirit within every woman to look at things in their own way. Some of them turn out to become problem solvers, media professionals and some evolve into business heads, but what connects all of them is the way they believe in themselves. They are the ones who do things efficiently, the ones who are always dressed up to beat the odds.

Coco Chanel, to begin with, is considered an icon and a pioneer in power dressing, thanks to the head-to-toe look she created with her suits, trousers, and jackets, which were way ahead of her time. Considering the craftsmanship arena, fit is something that plays a discerning role in adding a dose of substance to any outfit. A routine that demands a woman to dress impeccably for any meeting or presentation needs to be clubbed with a suit that’s sartorial yet shows the gracefulness of a modern woman. Well-tailored seams, strong shoulders and an eye for detail gels up a look that’s on the point when needed.

Qua Power Suits for Women

To top it all, in addition to an immaculately cut suit, shoes and grooming take the ladder ahead to finish the maths. Over the years, inspiring Indian business leaders like Roshni Nadar, Indra Nooyi and Vinita Bali are consistent with their style that’s modern and sophisticated. Be it a custom-built double-breasted suit or a tweed blazer, everything connects together as a form of expression relevant to the times. Heading on to other nations, luminaries like Beyonce, Sarah Harris, Amal Clooney, and Megan Markle opt for a style that exudes strength, authenticity and a confident state of mind.

Tabloids may come and go, technologies may change, and trends may shift, but the command a made-to-measure outfit deciphers is worth flipping heads. In short, there’s no specific pattern to keep a note of the growth in power dressing, yet a perfect pair of slingbacks and a dash of confidence is all you need to add a splash of colour to any occasion.


Shown: Mint Green The Uber Relaxed Shirt, Midnight Blue Stretch Wool Blazer, Oxford Blue Textured Crepe Blazer

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