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Colour Psychology 101- What To Wear, According To Your Mood

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."

-Pablo Picasso

Do you also feel calm and relaxed when you see the colour blue? Does the colour yellow make you feel optimistic too? It does to us! On days when we’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, we prefer to wear white and there’s a reason behind it. Psychologists and artists have long believed that colours can dramatically affect mood, feelings and emotions. Colours and emotions are closely linked, warm colours evoke different emotions than cool colours, bright colours create different moods than muted colours.

Several ancient cultures used colour psychology as therapy. Researchers found that ancient Egyptians and Chinese practiced colour therapy or chromo-therapy to heal individuals by increasing circulation, and purifying and soothing the body. Another study by Michael Hemphill in 1996 looked at emotional response to colours in adults by assessing the colour they wore and emotions towards and reasons for their choices. Some of the conclusion of the research was that bright colours elicited positive emotional associations and women responded more positively to bright colours than men.

As the studies conclude that colours have real effects on people, it’s about time we started taking advantage of it. Let’s look at different colours- what emotions they stimulate and when is the best time to wear them. 


‘When I hear the word blue, I imagine swaying with the waves of the sea under a clear blue sky.’

Blue is a soothing colour for the mind. Darker shade of the hue stimulates clear thoughts, while lighter & softer blues calm the mind and help in concentrating. The most stable colour of the spectrum- blue exudes confidence and a sense of reliability. So if you are going for an interview, take out your blue power-suit from the wardrobe and tell the world that you are the best in what you do. To have a relaxing day, simply put on a classic blue blouse or if you are having a drama-filled day at work, slip into a flowy blue dress to cut the tension. 



The colour green brings peace and satisfaction and this pleasing essence comes from its association with nature. Sitting at the center of the colour spectrum, green is the colour of balance. The colour is also said to produce the least amount of eyestrain, making it a perfect choice for all of us who are working from home and sitting in front of the screen for long hours. Add a splash of green in your wardrobe to soothe your mind and green plants on your desk to elevate your surroundings! Wear a green co-ord set to start your day on a relaxing note and for your next virtual work presentation, wear a green peplum top with a pair of flared trousers for a fresh and comfy look. 



Ah, yellow- the colour of spring and summer and the epitome of optimism and confidence! In psychological terms, yellow is the most active colour that lifts the mood and speeds up the metabolism as well. If you are feeling uninspired and tired during the lockdown, then wearing yellow can bring you joy and help you in exploring your creative side. Our ochre printed dress is the perfect outfit for days when you are struggling for motivation to work and need a little pick-me-up! This hue also increases concentration hence, it is ideal to wear a yellow shirt on the day of an important event to boost optimism. 



Pink is a nurturing colour that represents feminine principles and the survival of species in terms of psychology. Since it’s a tint of red, pink also affects us physically with a soothing effect. According to psychologists, people who show affinity towards the colour pink are romantic and optimistic. Additionally, they also appreciate comfort above anything else. If you are the romantic kind, wear a powder pink power-suit with a deep neck black bodysuit for your next date night. Complete the look with a diamond necklace and bold smokey eyes. Wear a rogue pink shirt dress if you are the one who likes it cozy and comfy. This dress is the perfect choice for the slow and lazy days when you don’t want to put in extra-efforts to get ready for zoom meetings. 



White is the colour of total reflection. It radiates simplicity, purity, and innocence. People who like the colour white are reliable, elegant, organized in everything, and love their freedom. Wear a white midi dress with floral print if you want to feel fresh and uplifted on an otherwise mundane day. Also as white conveys a feeling of newness, it’s ideal to wear a luxe ivory white shirt on the first day of a new job, or while starting a new project at work. This classic white shirt can be styled up for a party night or down for a casual day outing as well.

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