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Trouser Beats: The Absolute Essentials

“Uncompromising thought is the luxury of the closeted recluse.”
-Woodrow Wilson.


A pair of trousers ain’t no recluse once you own the right ones. Word.

Do you think that a good pair of bottoms is worth investing in? 

Be it pulling off a refined impression to your boardroom conversations or a relaxed weekend brunch with friends, a fine pair is all you need for the bang. The timeless appeal of these dual-legged pals is never easy to interpret, yet being aware of the textures, shapes, patterns, fabrics and intricate methods of craftsmanship lit their off-the-scenes game. From the messy and crowded closets to the minimally sorted bespoke racks, quality of bottomwear tops the shelf in a woman’s everyday drawer. Flipping through a few sides and crucial aspects of bottomwear lets you sport an irrefutable sense of cool.

Practical, chic and easy-to-carry, women’s trousers depend on the wearer’s shape, height, and other choices. Case in point, a pair of sleek skinny trousers reflect a bold imprint when compared with the carefree spirit expressed via wide-legged culottes and palazzos. The differences will always be there, but sustaining that everlasting impression upholds the ladder.

From sculpting curves to hour-glass silhouettes, comfort is the key to unchain the desired repertoire. For an effortless punch, stowing a pair of linen trousers or pants with boyfriend or baggy silhouettes are bound to up your weekend getaways. Once in a while, a bit of cropping churns out a cool spin in your whole wardrobe, adding a breath of air to your ankles without underwhelming your style quotient. As a matter of fact, they make you look slightly taller. For a snug fit, cigarette pants a.k.a pencil pants elevate the game when it comes to creating an easy-going yet intrepid flair. For those who love to mix and match with shapes, here’s a simple tip. Streamlining your topwear with something sleek always works with baggy bottoms, and vice versa as well.

formal wear for women indiaQua’s stack of women’s trousers online are designed thoroughly while taking care of the minute attributes in mind. The line-up of bottoms from the label is designed to fit modern woman of any size, thanks to the personalized alterations on your fingertips. The feel and functionality are indispensable, and trying out a pair like the Wide-Leg Stretch Wool Trousers or Smart Cotton Crop Trousers proves that.

The importance of pockets in the bottomwear category is one of the most important yet underrated features in the history of womenswear - both work and weekend staples alike. Well, that’s something where the brand has gauged a level of excellence as compared to the industry rivals. The size and number of pockets are slightly more and sewn with the utmost care, making them easy to rely on when it comes to stow phones, keys or other knick-knacks.

The placement of the waistline – be it low, mid or high, has certainly improved over the years. Among these three, high waisted bottoms sound more prolific in terms of creating an impression that’s sure to last. It’s always good to ditch the belt if the trousers fit you well. Showing off the precisely cut details in the waistband is what makes high-rise bottoms stand out. When it comes to creating balance, make sure you tuck in your shirt or top properly and let the pleats, details and other patterns do the talk. Be it a single pleat or double pleats, it’s always the volume that these gathers create, matters the most. For a low-key profile, both mid and low waisted capsules work well.

Trousers matter. Moreover, their textures. The texture of the denim is rough and coarse when compared to the texture of silk which feels slightly smoother. Sometimes, the physical feel of the garment lets you understand the texture and on other times, it’s the visual and cognitive understanding that frames the texture. As per the study by the School of Art at Liverpool John Moores University, some college students were asked to rate multiple fabrics depending on the mood/emotional/cognitive factors. Different fabrics evoked different feelings. A sense of “faded familiarity” was seen in the case of silk, satin, and lace while a feel of “opulent poise” was spotted in velvet and Irish linen fabrics. And the list goes on.

From dyes to stripes to florals to checks to solids to jacquards, every pattern tells a new story. Before you deep dive into the story that fits you well for the occasion, make sure you know the upcoming variables. For instance, stripes can streamline any silhouette whereas florals are more about a spin-around of moods and new seasons. Some patterns create a sleek, bold look for the office while a few slouches up the whole loungewear scene.

In a nutshell, maintaining a balanced portfolio of bottoms matter when the time comes to throw over a matching blazer. Make sure the seams are smooth and offset the hues with everything from pumps to brogued lace-ups.

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