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10 Signs You Have Found Your Work BFF

Do you remember your first day at work? You were skeptical of the new environment and colleagues and frankly, a little intimidated. Wary creatures that humans are, you built a wall of protection around you but there are always some people who break down that wall, brick by brick, and become your survival kit. During work-from-home, this is the person you miss the most, other than your secret snack drawer and your comfy desk chair. 

When you see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Rachel and Monica, Thelma and Louise, doesn’t it make you think of your bff instantly? Here are 10 signs your coworker is actually your BFF.

1. You know their schedule more than you know yours

You guys are like two hands of the same clock, always connected. You reach the office at the same time and step out at the same time. You know when they take their coffee and know exactly when they switch from being hungry to hangry. 

2. You have so many inside jokes, it's hard to keep track at times

This is a result of all the giggling and gossiping sessions during lunch breaks and coffee breaks. You’ve probably given code names to all other colleagues - “Do you know what the ass man did today?” and your assistant manager sips away his coffee none the wiser. 

3. You know everything about each other, even their most annoying habits

When we spend one third of our lives with our colleagues, they are bound to become our second family. Nothing is a secret when it comes to them, they know a thing or two about your personal life, your likes and dislikes, from your boy troubles to money troubles, even your lunch order! 

4. You never gossip about them

You have each other's back no matter what. You gossip with each other but never about each other. People know better than to say something ill about you in front of them. They know you are a package deal. 

5. You have most of their wardrobe memorized

From helping each other through wardrobe malfunctions, to giving them tips on what to wear to that office party, you have done it all. You know all the clothes they have and which shirt is likely lying in some forgotten corner of their wardrobe as they haven’t worn it for quite some time now. You ask for each other’s opinions before making the next purchase. You are so connected that sometimes you end up wearing similar outfits.

6. They make your ‘happy hours’ happier

You make plans after work almost daily, sometimes it's a quiet dinner, sometimes you go out to drink your stress away. After a busy day, you chill out with them with a glass of wine and discuss the entire day even though you both were there. 

7. You catch up on weekends as well

As if 5 days were not enough. You are so invested in each other’s life that you have serious FOMO when you are not together. Like weekdays, weekends are so much better with them.

8. You want each other to grow

Life isn’t just about fun times, it’s hardships and challenges as well. Whenever either of you feels stuck in work or in life, the other is right there with a bright smile, a pep talk and a solution (or a tequila, whichever works better). 

9. Coming back to work after vacations is exciting

Some people don’t want vacations to end but you can’t wait to go back to the office and meet your buddy. You get excited to share your adventures with them and hear about theirs. That project report can wait, first you wanna hear about the concert they attended in Amsterdam. 

10. You give each other honest advice

Take it or leave it, your work bestie will always dish it to you straight up. She’ll call you out when you are slacking or when you’re in the wrong. Flatterers might bring a smile to your face but they don’t help you get better.

You play multiple roles in each other’s lives, from being each other’s stylists to relationship gurus, you have the cure for their hangover (2 paracetamols and a bloody mary in case you were wondering) and a shoulder for them to cry on when things suck. You truly can’t function without each other. The bond that you share might not be perfect or meant to last forever, but whatever it is right now is pretty damn good. Let us know in the comments how your work friend makes your life blissful or at least more tolerable. 

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