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5 Gifts to Bond Over with Your Sister

With Rakshabandhan just around the corner, the pressure has surely set in. And in the quest to move beyond chocolates and flowers this time around, there’s a lot of thought that needs to be put in! While you’ve been fighting for that remote or even that last packet of Maggie, there’s the need to acknowledge that you know her. So what do you do This time?

As the online shopping options seem like a box of Pandora, every sister is different and we understand that. So add a little personal touch to your sister’s gift this season with our ideas:


A book set of her favourite series:

Rakshabandhan gift for your sister

Now if your sister and you have been a bookworm since forever, it’s time to admit it with a series set. Whether it’s the Harry Potter series or The Lord of the Rings, there’s something about owning your favourite books. And this is the perfect time to add them to her collection. You can also choose to add some customized goodies with this to give a little extra.


A Pantsuit for her Interview needs:

Rakshabandhan gift for your sister

Now there’s always the need to include a pair of formals when it comes to giving interviews. So if your sister is in that age bracket, you can include a customized or ready-to-wear style that she can always rely back on. And that too, not in the colours that suits her style. She can choose to mix it up or even go in the head-to toe shade, there’s a whole fashion range she can try! Throw in a pair of matching shoes and that’ll be the cherry on top!


A Daily Wear Jewellery:

Rakshabandhan gift for your sister

Pretty much all women have a soft corner for accessories. If she loves to dress up and keep changing her appearances or go with a basic every day, you can include a silver or gold piece that will prove to be timeless. Whether a coloured or an intricate one, she can choose to don one all the time. And remember you every time she does!


An Experience Package:

Rakshabandhan gift for your sister

If she likes adventure, you can pick out her favourite one! Whether it’s a paragliding class or a scuba diving one, you can let her know you’re totally on board with them. You can also choose to sign up with her and bond over the learning classes. If she’s more on the artsy side, you can pick out a painting class, a photography class or even a new language one to add to her skills.


A Travel Kit for All Essentials:

Rakshabandhan gift for your sister

For the travel freak, there’s a must-have essential kit to go for! So why not add the basics to her collection? Create a care package that she can take on all her trips and she can choose to add on more as per the trip. A flashlight, power bank, sanitizer, sanitary napkins, you name it, and this will be her go-to kit for everything.


So go ahead and break away from the basics. Add on that little something extra for your sister and let her know that you know what she loves and grab those brownie points this Rakshabandhan!

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