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5 Style Lessons Our Fathers Taught Us

From helping us with math homework to teaching us how to ride a bicycle, from providing us with security to making sure we get the best of everything, fathers do a lot for us. They are wise, supportive and kind, and they do make us laugh sometimes with their cheesy ‘dad jokes’. They have taught us many wonderful life lessons, but who knew they would also teach us a thing or two about how to get dressed?!

This father’s day, let’s pay an homage to the brilliant beings that our dads are by recalling their fashion experiences and recounting the style lessons they have taught us over the years.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Well-Fitted Suit

For all dads, a suit isn’t just another piece of clothing hanging in the closet. Whether they are giving a presentation in the office or swaying at a party, a suit is their armour. Investing in a well-tailored suit has to be the wisest and most stylish lesson that we have learned from our fathers. A perfectly tailored suit shows the onlookers that you are the boss of your own life and you won’t settle for anything less. This father’s day get all jazzed up in a well-structured suit with your dad and indulge in a fun and peppy photoshoot session!

The OG Advocates of Repeating Outfits

Remember how you used to shudder when your dad wore the same half-sleeved cotton shirt on multiple occasions, be it to their office or your PTA? However, today the whole world is realising the importance of slow fashion & sustainable lifestyle, and we can proudly say that our dads were the OG advocates of repeating outfits! They taught that repeating outfits is completely normal and investing in long-lasting clothes is a wise thing to do.

Confidence Is The Best Accessory 

Another valuable lesson we've learnt from our old men is that style is all about confidence. You will be surprised to know that something as simple as dressing up can usually affect your confidence and attitude. Changing the way you dress has the power to change the way you feel. Dressing with confidence is about more than just wearing the ‘trendy’ clothes, it’s about being comfortable in what you are wearing, looking balanced and feeling content. For your next virtual presentation, don’t just wear clothes, style them up with confidence and dress to impress. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Add Colours

If you think that your dad’s closet is only filled with blacks, whites and greys, it's highly likely that you're wrong! The real gems are hidden in the small compartments of their wardrobes- the vibrant collection of socks and ties! It’s a quirky way to add a pop of colour to a simple outfit. They taught us to experiment with different colours and patterns and splash out on vibrant accessories that can take an outfit from average to absolutely stunning. Spruce up your work outfits with patterned ties, scarves or jewelry to get the ‘colour popping’ style right. 

Don’t Overdo Colognes- A Lesson In Subtlety 

Recall the summer mornings, when your dad sent you to fetch something from his closet, and the second you opened the closet door, you could inhale a subtle whiff of his classic perfume. Brings back so many blissful memories, right? Learning to apply the perfect amount of cologne is an essential lesson that we have learned from our fathers. The thumb rule for applying cologne is to always start with a small amount and then add as needed. It is a LOT easier to overdo it than doing it right, and it can be overwhelming for people around us. A perfume should be an accent to your personality, not an attack on the senses. 

Our dads may be the definition of “tough love,” but it is love. Even if your dad is grumpy, opinionated and distant, remember that, more likely than not, you are more important to him than you can imagine. So, embarrass your father with an abundance of attention, praise and acknowledgement. Trust us, he will love it!

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