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5 Things You Shouldn't Wear To An Interview

Congratulations, you've been shortlisted for an interview! With new opportunities come new challenges. And when it comes to your career, you don’t want to take any risks. While there are endless tips and tricks on what you could wear to look professional, we often don’t pay heed to what you shouldn’t wear.

What you wear to an interview can immensely affect how your interview goes, and the impression you leave on the recruiters. Here are tips on what to avoid when dressing up for an important day like this.

Flashy Colours

We know you're supposed to 'stand out' in the crowd, but flashy colours could often be quite distracting for both you and the recruiter. Present yourself in a professional manner and steer clear of anything that seems unsuitable for the office, be it colours, hemlines, or silhouettes. Impress them with your intellect and wit!

Heavy Cologne

We all wear perfumes as a part of our daily lives, but is it okay for you to wear it to an interview? While many people believe that you should wear no cologne to an interview, we recommend that a couple of spritzes should be fine. Try not to overwhelm your interviewers and the rest of the building with a scent so strong they can smell you from floors away. Never forget, less is more!

OTT Accessories

Adding accessories to your outfit can completely change the look, and in fact, add a nice touch to your formal look and leave a nice impression on the interviewer, but the trick is to keep it minimal and balanced. Avoid going over-the-top with accessories- you don't really need to wear rings in every finger, do you? When it comes to formal wear, minimal and classy jewellery is the way to go. 

Painful Shoes

Ladies, don't do this to yourself! Yes, those 6" heels look lovely, but you don’t want to trip as you approach the chair. It's pivotal that you wear what you’re comfortable in. Uncomfortable heels will reflect a negative body language that will transition into fidgeting, stiffness or other forms of visible frustration.

Outdated Outfits

Professional wear is not boring. The trick is to find the balance. While you want to look serious and committed to the job, you can always make it look well styled! Jazz up your outfit with a unique colour or accessory while maintaining the whole 'professional' look. It's always a good idea to show that you have a personality, right?

Explore some of the most chic, comfortable, and confident looks on our website and pick one that suits your style the most! With a look like that, you’ll enter the hall stress-free. You’re going to ace it!

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