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A Freestyle Workwear Talk: The Basic Kinetics

Workwear needs no guise when it comes to pulling off a nine-to-five ensemble.

Tailored suit for womenRound and off the clock, through the boardroom walks for random review meetings to the scheduled summits and conferences, a perfect blend of tailoring and an optimized level of confidence is all an individual needs to further his/her identity to a whole new level. The need for a cleanly cut blazer and a pair of trousers, or for that matter, an impeccably sartorial suit, defines the workwear dynamics of a person. From the creative line of Behance to the professional aptitude presented on Linkedin to the Silicon Valley gurus to the most formal look you can attest to your portfolio, clothing is the key to nail any line-up.

Given the ground rule of a formal dress code, when it comes to business, you can never go wrong with your outfit. Although a few tweaks along the line always help but making sure that the entire outfit is well-ironed and fits you in a relaxed way, it sounds more like a compliment that won’t bounce back. The use of words like “office attire” and “smart”, has evolved through the pages of time and is always open for interpretation. The level of tailoring has never been the same, thanks to the growth in technology, social media upgrades, thinking capsules in the fashion arena, the evolution of sustainable clothing and a diverse range in demographics and psychographics. It not only has kept the authenticity of workwear alive but reviving multifarious aspects of unsullied tailoring as well.

Tailored suit for womenQUA, as a women’s clothing startup over the years, has certainly been able to distinguish themselves as a name with unique tailoring skills with their on-the-go and reliable outfits. Like Legos on the table, the label’s smartly developed a high end and versatile catalog of shirts, trousers, and blazers which come together as building blocks to your whole new routine without overwhelming it. Taking immaculate skills of a tailor and their clients’ desires, the label acts as a middle ground to incorporate classic and contemporary styles with flair. It’s always the balance that matters. Considering the minute details an important aspect to measure growth, the availability of pockets in trousers and additional recesses inside the blazer for pens and sunglasses, for instance, has turned out to be game-changers in maintaining a good workwear regimen. The use of fine Turkish fabrics certainly expresses the brand’s attention to comfort and breathability. These improvements might seem small but they matter.

Straight-up and through the keys of time, workwear represents a culture that’s sort of more polished than the casual counterparts. It’s always easy to get wrapped in something casual but the ubiquitous level of craftsmanship in formalwear undoubtedly moves the improvement ladder in a professional’s career.

Formal office wear for women brandFunctionality and refined tailoring add a subtle sense of cool to varied workwear routines. For instance, smart and light-weight blazers are a practical choice when it comes to adding a snappy layer to your basics. There’s an affirmative side to measure the impact of workwear in a wardrobe. First comes the shape knowledge. If you’re aware of the shape that works for you, it’s easy to invest in pieces that can prove that aptitude with ease. Second is a well-invested piece. A good outfit is bound to create a positive effect no matter how worn out you feel during and post long work hours. It not only carries a sheet of good tailoring but versatility as well. Being easy to flex-up when you work in a particular time frame, is what makes fine workwear an arsenal in your weekday drawer. A properly tucked-in shirt is a smart, easy and practical option to nab any look. Last but not least, make sure you accessorize. An affirmation to that point, pinning down a few easy-going accessories like a wristwatch or earrings never hurt. 

A smartly cut suit not just represents your personality but establishes a firm’s workwear regime as well. It’s always good to add a subtle sheen but if the suit doesn’t talk, then the toss might foray. Lastly, let the lapels do the talk. 










Shown: Fog Grey Stretch Wool Tailored Suit, Midnight Blue Wool Tailored Blazer, Sky Blue Cotton Poplin Classic Shirt, Powder Pink Textured Crepe Modern Trousers



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