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The Hair Contact: Waves and Knots

Growing up needs no skillset. A fair amount of balance, a pinch of attitude and cultural texture sums up how an individual grows up with time. And when an elevated approach is taken into consideration, grooming up hits the scene, be it make-up essentials, hairstyling or working out.

Scaling down to the world of hairstyling, words like frizz, knots, braids, tousles, ponytails, uber long locks and many more create the buzz. On or off the record, how a person styles his/her hair, tells a lot about the individuality and perspective of that person. Be it window shopping over the weekend or hanging out with your best friends or a presentation in a summit, the key to thrive is a simple yet elegant hairdo.

Depending on the length and volume of hair and the occasion as well, multiple styles can be pinned down with ease. In the times we’re living in, everyone’s got access to multiple styles available all over the internet and social media feeds that can be implemented in their line-up of essentials. But the secret ingredient is not what you see but what you add or subtract from that look.

office hairstyleWhen it comes to skip the salon yet create a ready-to-go-out look, knots and buns come out to be the easiest hairstyling options that can withstand any occasion or outfit. It’s all about how quickly you bring elegance to undone textures. Besides, it keeps the hair away from the face and exalts your look as well. To add a little grip to the frayed ends, carrying a mousse or textured spray can be quite handy. Switching the chignons from back to sides channel a cool yet elegant twist to any look.

Braids on the front, back and sides channel a simple and effortless look. Easy to create, it rings a subtle dose of feminine sensibility to any outfit. Perfect for weddings, music festivals and cocktail evenings alike, this style easily transforms everyday hair into something unique. To add a bit of texture and balance, hairspray can be used as well.

For the free-spirited ones, beach waves simplify the essence of any look without falling into hassles. It’s the kind of update that just needs wet hair being parted and a dryer to make them instantly wearable, whatever be the occasion. Taking cues from the easy-going vibe of the beach, it freshens up any look right away.

One of the easiest styles to stow in your home-to-desk space is that of ponytails. Although it has a lot of variations, it’s one of the most effortless styles as well. From messy buns to undone textures, it effortlessly alters daily looks into something that’s your own.

From jagged bob to the sleek ones, these variations were a rage between the 1920s and 1930s, defining the prosperity of the 1920s to the crisis of 1930s. In the late 1930s, hair length started to grow from bob to shoulder lengths, giving life to curls and half updos and were executed well by Vivien Leigh in her routines. Audrey Hepburn is one of those names that can be considered for her iconic and timeless styles - be it the cropped or curly fringes, waved and pinned style, sly back buns, the classic pearl or the wispy beehive. 

To add twist, depth and a playful character to hairstyles, a perfect add-on lifts the game with a flawless flair. For instance, a simple ribbon is one of the best add-ons to amp up beach wedding looks. When the look is minimal and you want to create a statement with a twirl, never think twice but head on to headbands. The pearls, clip-in extensions, and crystal slides are a no-brainer when it comes to reviving a timeless appeal. They’re more than just premium accents. A portrait with such embellishments is sure to remind you of the time when it added a simple yet playful story to something that is yours.


Whatever version you opt for, make sure the dunk goes up. Period.

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