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Amal Clooney Is The Ultimate Power Dresser. And We Have Proof.

‘Having it all’ is the holy grail for every working woman. And Amal Clooney seems close with her skyrocketing career, a doting husband and immaculate style. The idea of a powerful woman who's so flawlessly captivating in every way, and unafraid to express herself through clothing is catnip to us. Even George Clooney agrees, “She’s stunning and has a great sense of style — there’s no stylist or anything, she just comes out like that and she shows up and she looks stunning. And she does it while she’s got 11 cases going — literally.”

Her workwear wardrobe is just as impressive as her personality and we can all take a page out of Mrs. Clooney’s sartorial book. 8 style lessons we learnt from the human rights lawyer -

1. Bold and bright

Amal has often been spotted wearing outfits in bold and feminine colours like rose red, pistachio green and fuchsia pink.  Even though she is a lawyer, she colourfully defies the norm of wearing greys and blacks to the court and stands out effortlessly.

2. High-waist pants are highly flattering

It is a fact that Clooney looks amazing no matter what she wears but in these high waist pants and a blazer she projects authority and confidence. They make everyone's bottom, regardless of shape and size, look great, thanks to that waist-hugging and lengthening thing they do by just being cut a little longer than hipster-style trousers.

3. Add bold prints

Who says you can’t wear graphic prints if your job is as serious as fighting for human rights? Learn it from Clooney. She frequently dons colourful prints and still exudes power and polish. Emulate her chic yellow and black printed number with the Belted Patterned Dress.

4. Feminine take on tailoring

Amal wore a classic black suit while conducting business at Doughty streets chamber in London. Suiting can be surprisingly feminine and powerful. Whether paired with a shirt or a t-shirt, a perfectly tailored suit with a classic and perfect fit and make anyone look good. They allow more flexibility and subtleness and are perfect for a more formal occasion.

5. T-shirts for work to weekend and beyond

A woman who fights cases against ISIS sure doesn't care about playing it safe. In Spite of being in a male dominated formal industry, she loves showcasing her fun and casual side now and then by not going for the conventional button down shirts. Here Amal has effortlessly mixed formals with a soft t-shirt.

6. Make pearls your best friend

pearl earrings for women

Amal has a classic taste in men, and jewellery alike. Her work outfits are complemented by classic diamond or pearl earrings, like the minimalistic pearl studs pictured here. Echo Clooney’s refined elegance with the Chandy Studs. 

7. Hitting boardrooms in jumpsuits

The jumpsuit connotes a desire to be taken seriously, a willingness to think outside of the box, and a preparedness to take on the world. They look bold and are comfortable. Amal is occasionally seen wearing jumpsuits for work and for social events.

8. The royal fashion phenomena of matching

amal clooney in matching set

Amal’s monochromatic outfit steals our hearts with its simplicity. Like a perfect puzzle her black bag and heels all fit together to give a sophisticated vibe. The coordinating suit gives an elongated, no-fuss silhouette that’s easy to pull together when you are in a rush, which might be the case for most of us.

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