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How To Effortlessly Transition Your Outfit From Day To Night

As kids, we all have seen superhero movies, how a normal person like you and me, would fly off to save the world. It was fascinating how Clark Kent would just rip off his shirt, throw away his glasses and there it was, the cape hiding underneath that plain shirt. Thus Clark Kent by day and Superman by night had the best of both worlds. We, as women, need some kind of superpower too, if not to save the world then to save time to fit into all the roles we have to play. Be it a wife, a mother, a worker, or a friend, we have to be prepared for everything.

Before getting a job I didn't pay much attention to what I was wearing or how I looked. The corporate world made me aware of the importance of one’s appearance. It might not be everything but it surely is a statement of your demeanour. But what do you do when you have to head out to catch up on your social life or attend a party right after the office. We aren’t Clark Kents.

Well, there is always a way where there is a will. Let's take a look at these three amazing day to night looks.

Efficient to Elegant

Belted Patterned Dress

Accessorize to glamorize. When you are juggling between home and work, you have to be smart. This protean belted pattern dress is extremely functional. It is vibrant and has a chic colour and pattern. It is perfect for a breezy day at work and then easy to manoeuver for a late evening event. 

When it comes to changing the look, footwear is a good place to start. A quick swap from low key sneaks to a fabulous pair of heels for the night would suffice. You can also add a wide belt to go with it. The belt not only adds a different colour and texture but also brings out a different personality altogether. Change of bags is always a quick hack. By ditching the big spacious tote you can use a clutch or something more stylish for the night out with your girl gang/ family.

Rushing to Relaxing

Moss Coord Set for Women

Adding or removing the layers. Nothing is better than a co-ord set for a workday during summers. Its sophisticated look makes it a must-have for all those who want to mix style and work. They were quite popular during the 90s and now have made their comeback. Truly a dream call for those who lack the time to mix and match in the morning.

One would think that twin sets are difficult to experiment with but let us tell you- that is a myth! You can transition this look easily by layering it with a satin watercolour shirt. “People are scared of layering,” Wilkinson observes, flipping through my closet. “They think it’s going to look really bulky, but in fact it’s a great way to get the most out of your wardrobe." Pair it with sneakers or boots and you are ready to go.

For a quick change for the night at a swanky restaurant I could just lose the lose shirt and switch my comfy sneakers to extravagant stilettos

Corporate to Chic

A different hairdo is a perfect cue. They say “dress for the job you want.” Nothing speaks power and success more than a perfectly tailored pantsuit. The textured crepe modern suit is the ideal ‘power suite’ for women. This blend is a versatile choice for someone who is in and out of meetings all day long and then plans to attend a family dinner. Coupled with a sleek ponytail for a hassle-free work mode will do just about right.

For the after-work scenario, pair it with a vibrant sling and heels to add a little charisma. Free flowing wavy hair would complement the carefree aura with which you wish to surround yourself.

Fashion has a lot of scope for experimentation, let your inner fanista out, once in a while, and explore different styles and vibes. You can innovate your own unique ways to do so because at the end of the day how you dress should define who you are. In a frivolous world of vanity we are all trying to find our own selves. Let your wardrobe speak for you.

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contact is so quick. Fashion is instant language"-- Miuccia Prada. Find your voice and be your own star, one that shines, both, during the day and night.

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