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The Cuffed Canvas

What’s the best piece of outfit in your formal arsenal that makes an apt choice to elevate your look on any occasion? Is it something that’s finely tailored with clean and edgy lines or something with an off-the-rack appeal?

On and off, a relaxed yet plucky outfit is all a working woman needs to nab a confident nine-to-five look. As a fact, a bold and clean-lined capsule adds an extra punch to a contemporary woman’s workwear rotation. Be it media scions or a philanthropist of modern times, professional portfolios are more than just refined tailoring and it takes a small dose of character to uplift that subtlety. From cuffs to collars, and everything in between, an understated yet impactful push nails it all.

Like spices add a dose of flavour to any cuisine, the same goes for any cuff, thanks to the personality and charm they bring to the table. The dropdown for the cuffs is quite less yet extremely unique. Over the years, mavens in the field of polished and graceful tailoring have added a fresh knack to office wardrobes.
The role of cuffs in a shirt is more than just about adding a sense of stiffness to the edges, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

The shirt cuffs are basically sorted down into two styles –French and Barrel. French cuffs have a more sartorial aesthetic as compared to the classic barrel cuffs.

French Cuffs:

French Cuff

Diving into a little brief, the French cuffs are for those who like to nail smart boardroom outfits with a slightly customized appeal. These cuffs are also known as double cuffs, considering the fold-over fabric while creating a two-layer look. A pristine pair of cufflinks are also needed to add a sense of elan to these cuffs.

Barrel Cuffs:

Flipping the other style, barrel cuffs are further segregated into three sub-categories – rounded, mitered and convertible ones.

Rounded Cuffs:

Rounded Cuff

Rounded cuffs are the barrel cuffs that are glazed around the corners. This sanding-off adds a slightly casual appeal to the look.

Mitered Cuffs:

When the barrel cuffs are cut at an angle, they are known as mitered cuffs. They tend to be more sharp and uplifting while giving an extra dose of perfection to any formal shirt.

Convertible Cuffs:


Convertible cuffs have a little peculiar tone that makes them an upgraded variation to some extent. On the unseen side of the cuff, an extra buttonhole is designed, which creates extra space to place your favourite pair of cufflinks. For frequent flyers with exquisite workwear regime, convertible cuffs make a versatile and indispensable addition to their commute-to-boardroom essentials.

Fused or unfused, well-creased cuffs are more than just good vibes. So make sure that the ink never fades.

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