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The Minimalist’s Guide To Wearing More Colour

Centred around an optimistic outlook, and grounded in the charm of simple pleasures, this season’s colour trends revolve around bringing the long lost sense-of-fun, marking the official end of excessive time indoors. We know that nothing speaks of elegance more than a staple statement LBD, but even the safest players are ready to spice up their wardrobe with a splash of pop this summer. Hyper pink, code red, cobalt blue, emerald green, very peri, chocolate brown; this year’s lust worthy colour palette screams richness.

As we enter this new landscape, fashion rules no longer exist. Mix and marry colours as you please. Open the doors of personalised style with statement and spontaneous colour combinations because if there's one mood that defines this season, it’s joy and creative self- expression. Redefine your aesthetics and upgrade your grade school palette, for both on- and off duty outings. Give people around you a reason to look back. Here’s how.

1. Monochrome it up, Mama! 

monochrome looks

Low- effort and fashion forward, monochrome is the safest way to spruce up your minimal outfit and add colour head to toe. To get it right, opt for fuss- free, well- fitted fits and pair them up with solid neutral colored accessories. Get some inspiration for your next head- turner look from our best-sellers.

2. Tone them down with neo- neutrals

neo neutrals

If colours intimidate you and your natural default is neutrals, consider playing it up a bit with next-to-neutral colours. Start with drool- worthy and polished browns and rust, navy blue and deep greens. Layer them with your basic beiges, whites and blacks; and nail impactful colour moments without getting too overwhelmed.  Check out our looks above for some inspiration.

3. Add romantic and nostalgic pastels for the win! 

romantic and nostalgic pastels

Speak of hope, freshness and elegance with soft pastels. Yummy bubblegum pinks, very peri, mint green are the trending hues that ooze cheerful, carefree and understated style. Continue reading for our dreamy outfit formulas and shop our freshest colors.

4. Comfort is the best color!

Minimalist’s Guide To Wearing More Colour

Reign supreme with the balance of neutrals and pop by choosing cleaner, neater silhouettes. Consider sticking to softer materials, soft- tailored and hassle- free statement staple pieces, like our brown pants, to draw just the right amount of attention and eyes as you minimalists like. Let colour and comfort be the heroes.

5. Color palette tips for the season 

Color palette tips for the season

Color bomb your art of minimalism with these colors that you’ll be seeing everywhere this year. Terracotta red- strong, powerful and confident; Emerald green- elegant and timeless, Cobalt blue- the rich cousin of royal blue; Hyper Pink - Barbie but elevated; and the IT colour of the year, and Marmalade Orange- a trendy departure from rich browns. 

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