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4 Ways To Elevate a Crisp Shirt

The breakout trend of the year- a crisp shirt reigns supreme and is already approved by our favourites Zendaya, Kristen Stewart and Timothee Chalamet. As tailoring smart, and functional dressing becomes popular, every wardrobe’s core item- Shirts- take the centre stage, striking a balance between playful and serious. With everything returning back to its normal stage in full force, the urge to make oneself presentable has become more than a mere distraction. 

Soft masculine and polished looks that you can take from sofa to streets are stealing the spotlight; in mood- refreshing and joyful colours. The fashion necessity for  well-dressed, well-rounded women - a shirt is revamping in all its exuberance. Ready to give a fashion-forward spin to your shirt? Here’s how - 

1. Embrace opulence

breakout trend of the year- crisp shirts

Challenge the longstanding norm and embrace color and print in all its opulence. Throw over a similar tone printed scarf over our bold and voluminous ruched shirt to take it up a notch. Get ready to be flattered by the number of compliments you receive that day. Shop the full look here.

2. Forget/ Skip the pants

wear shirts without pants

Go all daring and skip the pants this season for double the benefits- beating the heat and reaching the #1 in fashion charts. Try our best-seller oversized lilac shirt with famous infamous biker shorts and slay the day! Pro- tip: Take the shirt in two sizes up to avoid any mishap.

3. Dare to layer

layer shirts with dresses

2022 is all about experimentation so either go big or go home. Stop saving your new dress for the perfect occasion and take it out for a spin. Layer it with a shirt (and pants- if you want to go gaga) and make it a fashion show. Pro-tip: Be fearless and opt for daring bold colors. We’ve made it easy for you to start. Find the full look here.

4. Double the fun

style 2 shirts together with a pink shirt

What’s better than 1 staple shirt? A second trend-led, fun, and joyful not-so-basic shirt. Double the fun (and flattering) with our luxe white shirt and button-down shirt in internet-famous pink. Play with the buttons (up or down) and balance it casually with your high-waisted jeans to nail your chicest, desk to dinner look. Worried about the heat? Don’t be with our shirts. Both are extremely breezy and summer friendly. 

When you try one of these (and we're sure you WILL), send us your photos because we’ll love to see them (and show them off!). Want more styling tips? Sign up here!

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