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How To Dress Like A Gemini

Social butterflies of the zodiac, the quick-witted twins, it is your season, you gem! Being the first of the air signs, and ruled by the third house of communication, it’s no surprise that you bring the most exciting energy to the table, all looking like you stepped out right of Anne Hathway’s closet from The Devil wears Prada. Your super-adaptable, intelligent ,perpetually curious, chatty, spontaneous, playful and uber-flirty energy captivates everyone around you, and can we really blame them? You live to entertain, inform, inspire and exude positive energy and good vibes (well, at least one of the twin selves does). 

Famously fickle, you are on your toes 24/7, constantly looking for your next endeavour, next opportunity or next gossip that keeps you and your 13467 personalities entertained (we want to say we’re kidding, but are we really?) Infamous for your erratic mood swings, and for being multi-faced, there is no one who owns their space, better than you! So people might love you or hate you, but they’ll always remember you!

Clearly visible in the way you dress, your wardrobe speaks for your duality and flirty self. It is a range of basics that are anything but boring, to trendiest and the most daring pieces that gets you those second glances (other than your queen aura obviously!)

Whether you’re relating it all to a gemini friend, or you’re one yourself, we’ve narrowed it down to your three major moods-let us know which one is you this season (or this minute) and how you’re dressing for it!

Eclectic and funky

gemini outfit lime green neon oversized shirt

Playful and youthful, you’re an experimentalist to the core. A seldom boring companion, you’ve a vivacious (and most bright) wardrobe to match your personality. Bold colors, trends, are your picks but perfectly balanced with subtle and functional bits. Trust our Mint green oversized shirt and brown pants to rock this mood! 


gemini outfit red tie blouse

To complement the theatrics (and drama) of your life, you have an unabashed colour palette in your closet, ranging from ruby red to lush greens and dazzling blues. Powerful and charismatic, you’re always coming up with creative and fun  solutions to life’s roadblocks, all while looking like a million dollars. Step out in our fierce (and romantic) red blouse and blue (comfortable-est) pants and let the look speak for itself. 


gemini outfit pink skirt

Uber-flirty and romantic, your charm is contagious. Being eclectic, you like to stir things up but yet be subtle about it. Match our oh-so-romantic pink button down midi skirt with not-so-basic asymmetric white top and embody your signature style of mixing up the things.

If you’re a gemini, does the above sound something like you? If you’re not, wait till we cover your sign too!

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