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The One Where FRIENDS Gave Us Career Lessons (and Style Inspiration)

WE CAN’T KEEP CALM!! ‘The one we waited for so long’- Friends reunion is finally here. After months (or should we say years), of rumors and anticipation, the reunion of the cult-classic sitcom Friends is going to become a reality. The 6 Friends, 10 seasons, and 236 episodes made us smile, laugh, cry, and most importantly gave us career lessons in the most creative way. And how can we forget their ultra-modern looks- at some point in our life, we all tried to recreate the looks from the show. While many Friends fans tend to focus on the humorous storylines, and romantic endeavors of the characters, a major chunk of the show actually revolved around the characters’ careers and their fun and modish styling. It’s time to grab a cup of coffee and revisit our favourite characters and the important lessons they gave us! 

Monica Gellar

“Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re gonna love it.”

Monica had several great career moments throughout the show, but from the beginning, she was very clear about her goal- to become a chef. From waitressing at a 50’s diner, and starting a catering business with Phoebe to ultimately becoming a head chef, Monica’s professional journey was truly incredible. Although she used to get on her friends’ nerves with her perfectionism and meticulousness, these traits actually helped her have a successful career. She always strived to be a better version of herself and kept exploring new opportunities that could showcase her skills and talents in the best way possible.

From standing up to her bully coworkers at Allesandro to showing what a great leader she can be, Monica taught us that no matter what the job is, if you do it with zeal and excitement you WILL excel at it.

Styling Tip- Enjoy the sunset this weekend with a cup of warm café-au-lait and madeleines (of course after cleaning the whole house) in a breezy cotton shirt dress. 

Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing- the sassiest of all and the one who is ‘hopeless, awkward and desperate for love’. Chandler worked in Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration (oh yes, we memorized it), and hated the job. He realized that hating your job wasn’t normal when he was working during the holidays and his friends pointed out that they all loved their jobs. Chandler took the leap of faith and left his well-paying job to do something that he actually loved. We don’t agree with him when he said he’s not great at advice because he taught us the most important lesson of life that it’s never too late to start again!

He taught us to take challenges in life with confidence and the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.

Styling Tip- Take some inspiration from Chandler for your next virtual brunch date and wear an oversized shirt with flared trousers. 

Rachel Green

Season 1 (spoilt) Rachel Green never would have imagined herself to evolve so much in 10 years! Honestly, neither did we. But the way her career advanced was totally commendable. Rachel Green, the fashion icon of the show and every girl’s role model, gave up on her luxurious life to live independently. From waitressing at the coffee shop to ultimately working for one of the best designers, Rachel taught us to NEVER be complacent in life. Rachel knew the importance of seizing opportunities and always aiming for the best.

Her dedication to her career was admirable, she chose to never settle down for the ordinary and became an inspiration for a lot of women out there.

Styling Tip- Channel your inner Rachel Green for your next zoom meeting in a well-structured and ultramodern Pantsuit.

Joey Tribbiani

Of course, Joey wouldn’t share his food with us, but he did share some very valuable career advice for us to grow at work. From the beginning, Joey has been shown as a struggling actor who was desperate to get work. He faced numerous setbacks, even worked as a waiter at central perk, but he never felt ashamed of his failures. He never gave up on his dream of becoming an acclaimed actor even after hundreds of rejections. He worked hard even for the small acting roles and celebrated all his accomplishments- no matter how big or small.

Joey taught us the importance of learning and polishing your skills to get better at work and never let go of what makes you happy. Another extremely important thing Joey taught us was to never put fake skills in a resume, or you will find yourself running from your job (interview)!

Styling Tip- Take layering lessons from Joey (Episode- The One Where No One’s Ready) and wear a watercolour satin shirt underneath the moss co-ord set

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe had the most ordinary and the least-talked-about work-life on the show, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to learn from her vibrant character. She worked as a masseuse and along with that she sang and wrote her own whimsical songs (how can we ever forget the smelly cat song; it’s ingrained in our hearts permanently!) at the central perk for her love for music. Although she was an unsuccessful musician, she was dedicated to her passion and NEVER gave up on singing.

She taught us that amidst the chaotic life where everyone is busy with their work, it’s important to stay in touch with what makes you genuinely happy.

Styling Tip- We are going all the way 'Phoebe' this summer. Wear a printed floral dress and pair them with a pearl necklace and earrings to feel like a ray of sunshine.

Ross Geller

Do you also instantly think of Ross, whenever you hear ‘dinosaur’ or ‘divorce’? Because we do! Ross was the only one who knew from his childhood what he wanted to be when he grew up (a Paleontologist!) He studied hard to achieve his dream job, but his eagerness to learn and gain more skills never stopped. He kept exploring new things that helped him grow and broaden his horizon, and we appreciate him for this. But the biggest lesson that we learned from Ross was to never overstep the boundaries at work and mix personal and professional lives. Throughout the show, he kept crossing the line in one way or another (remember he screamed at his boss for a sandwich and dated his student at university?)

Ross taught us to be more careful at work and avoid situations that could negatively affect your career.

Styling Tip- Take a cue from the ‘Dinosaur guy’ and take out the blazer from your wardrobe to amp up any outfit instantly.


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