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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is around the corner (9th May 2021), and it is time to pamper and celebrate all the amazing mothers and mother figures out there! We agree, mothers don’t need a single day to be celebrated and they should be honoured each and every day for their hard work and unconditional love. Although a simple greeting card and flowers can make a wonderful Mother’s day gift, you can always elevate the present with a thoughtful gift, your mother will actually appreciate. Reminisce the good old days and give your mother something that reminds her of the beautiful memories attached to it, or get her a present that lasts longer and can be cherished forever.

If you are still struggling with gifting ideas, find the perfect present for your Mother with our Mother’s day gift guide!

For the Mom who’s always by your side

Mothers always stay by their children’s side, even if the whole world is against them. Tell your mother how grateful you are for her unconditional support and love by gifting her the comfiest co-ord set to make her day relaxing and joyful. To complete the gift, add a watercolour satin shirtMother of Pearl stud earrings and a bouquet of fresh white lilies. This thoughtful gift set will surely make your mother smile (don’t forget to hug her while giving her the gift)!

For the Mom who taught you to be independent

Remember how your mother taught you the most important lesson of adulthood- to be independent! My mother always used to say- No matter how helpful and caring your friends or partner might be, you must be independent enough to survive on your own. And I can’t thank her enough for making me an independent and well-informed modern woman. This mother’s day shower some love on your mother by gifting her a chic belted patterned dress with baroque pearl earrings. Add a note with a personalized message, telling her how much you love her, with a bouquet of red roses. 

For the Mom who’s the strength of the family

Our mothers are the biggest pillars of strength. They are the binding glue of the family and it’s their conviction and faith which helps the family stay together. For your strong and loving mom, curate a perfect gift box with the classic combination of red and black hues- a brick red textured dobby shirtsmart cotton crop black trousers, two-tone link hoops and a bouquet of beautiful pink carnations. 

For the Mom who inspires you every day

We don’t often realize this but mothers are the real-life heroes, who inspire us every day. They teach us the importance of standing up for ourselves, being patient, following our dreams and what not! This mother’s day, tell your mother that she is your true role model and how much she inspires you. For your motivating and powerful mother, get a power pantsuit with minimalistic molten hoops and a bouquet of orchids, to make her feel like a boss lady, that she truly is. 

For the mom who taught you to enjoy each day of your life

While our mothers teach us all the important life lessons, they also remind us to have fun and enjoy each and every moment of our lives. Be it playing with colours, having a baking session, or going on a shopping spree, mothers are the best partners to have fun with. If your mother is missing her shopping sessions amidst the pandemic, gift her the Qua Gift Card and let her enjoy the shopping day virtually!

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