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Was I Productive Today? Define Productivity On Your Own Terms

Efficiency is measured through productivity. In simpler words, it means you finish your tasks without compromising on quality as well as quantity, while also completing them well within the deadline. However, we think we can dig a little deeper and define it on our own terms. Here's how you can evaluate your productivity.

1. Don't Chase Deadlines

Let's get this out of the way - being busy is not a flex. And it most definitely is not synonymous for productive. The whole concept of productivity revolves around the fact that we want to finish the job in time, leaving the rest of the day for non-work activities. So chasing deadlines is not the goal; being ahead of them is.

2. What's Motivating You?

Think about what is driving you to do something, and keep that in mind when you work. Question your outputs and what you wish to achieve from them. A meaningful motivation will last you longer than the fear of a deadline.

3. Did You Enjoy It?

At the end of the day, nothing matters. That is why everything matters. Productivity is not worth it if it didn't bring you inner peace once you completed a task. That inner peace should also come from the fact that you spent time on something that makes a difference to you, not just from the fact that you cut off an item in the to-do list.

4. What's next?

Productivity does not end with your work hours. Make productivity a habit, a lifestyle, something you incorporate everywhere, something you don't need to address every time, something that comes naturally. Make it a part of your life, all rounded - personal, professional, virtual, everything.

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