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3 Workwear Tote Bags You Need To Grab To Complete Your Look

Building a wardrobe that caters to your office needs? Invest in some of the most functional and essential pieces you need to complete the closet. 

Yup, it’s time for tote shopping!

Sit back and relax as our expert stylists have gone in the dirt for you. After looking at your needs, the trends, and the general code of dressing, we’ve narrowed down to three totes that we consider workwear essentials, and come up with some fits that showcase how great these will look on you!

Here are 3 tote bags you need to invest in. 

1. Large Leather Tote

If functional and fashionable could have a love child, it would be a classy black leather tote that’s big enough to fit your house. Carry your laptop, binders, and everything you could possibly need in a stylish tote that goes with every outfit.

Whether you pair this bag with a Friday night dress and heels, or with a crisp pant suit and tennis shoes, you’re not going to go wrong.

Carry this bag with: Twisted Front Dress, Textured Crepe Modern Suit

2. Pocket Tote Shoulder Bag

Nothing screams timeless more than this shoulder bag. Who doesn’t want to look classy, light and breezy at work? All you need is one of these in beige, tan, or any neutral colour and anything you wear will instantly turn into the most elegant edit in the most nonchalant way.

Carry this bag with: Cotton Poplin Classic Shirt in Toasted Almond Brown, Belted Patterned Dress

3. Knit Tote

Who said workwear is boring? This is our fresh and fun take on business attire.

If you aren’t comfortable with experimentation and want to stay simple in the clothes department, you can easily amp up the look with a bag instead. A knit tote bag will effortlessly splash colours into your otherwise basic outfit. Funnily enough, it will also go perfectly with bright colours for a chic and quirky look!

Carry this bag with: Moss Co-ord Set, Stretch Wool Tailored Suit

Now, you don’t need to go nuts with endless options! Buy the best and most essential pieces as per your needs. Happy shopping!

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