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#PressForProgress - This Women's Day, Speak To Yourself With Love

It is no surprise that women are shamed for their harmless interests and likes all the time. Listening to pop music makes you ‘basic’ and listening to indie rock makes you ‘pretentious’. 

So honestly, why bother? 

You want to wear a pink dress and dance in the sun? Go for it. You want to put on a leather jacket and ride your bike into the horizon at 2 AM? You go, girl. You want to do both, or neither? Go ahead!

Make life your happy place. And that’s exactly what this campaign is about.

With a mission to inculcate a reimagined mindset, we reached out to several women and asked them to answer four simple questions, reminding them to speak to themselves with love.

What is one thing you did today that makes you proud?

As women, we often tend to be hard on ourselves and scrutinize our every move. So we decided to take a moment to look back at how awesome we all are for simply living the day to our fullest.

Rhea Bernard, who was having a rough day, thought about how she managed to make perfectly round dosas the same day - something she had never done before. Now, isn’t that something to celebrate?

Here’s to celebrating our small wins, which are equally important as our bigger, louder wins!

What makes you worth knowing?

Self-introspection is not about criticism. It’s also about accepting your positive traits. You’re amazing. Accept that.

Being a woman, knowing a woman, loving a woman and respecting a woman are some of life's greatest doings. There is nothing in this world that should make you shy away from things you are good at, things that people love about you, things that make you, you.

Suramya Srivastava told us that she had no idea what makes her worth knowing, and that maybe she isn’t worth knowing. After some pushes, she managed to tell us that she would like to believe she is a great friend. Well, Suramya, that definitely makes you worth knowing and cherishing.

What is something you would try if the result didn’t matter?

So many times we let opportunities pass because we think we don't deserve them, or we aren't good enough. When will we stop measuring success and start living? 

When we asked this probing question, the answers were so diverse and amazing to hear. Modeling, painting, joining the army, cutting off all hair - you name it and they said it.

So today, we encourage our amazing women to never say never and take a chance. What's the worst that could happen? This is your sign. Take a chance.

What does it mean to be a woman?

To all the women who participated and to all the women around the world,

You fought your way through everything the world threw at you and became the woman you are today. So never apologise for being who you are. Learn to love who you have become and make your younger self proud.

Cheers to being a woman!

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