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5 Types Of Coworkers You Probably Don't Miss

For the past one year you have been working from home, there is a chance that you have fallen into a new routine- a routine that has given you freedom from not only some parts of your office life but also from colleagues. Even if you are eager to go back to the office you must be wondering how different things are going to be now. But I know you will adapt. We all adapted pretty well, didn’t we? In the name of a colleague my dog is the only one as of now. As I sit on my couch, staring at my laptop screen, he is at my feet, wagging his tail. 

It makes me reminisce about my office and the different kinds of people that made it what it was, a daily new episode of soap opera. That place seemed less of an advertising agency and more of a set of The Office. When we work we come across people who have different political views, approach to work, lifestyle etc. and if you are spending more than 8 hours a day with them, you kind of get used to their jokes and their habits, I mean you have to, and you are not alone in this.

Here are 5 types of people you meet at every workplace and you probably not miss while working from home.

1. The one who never leaves the office

You drag yourself out of bed daily to reach on time but you rarely do, but today you are early and you are smiling as you park your car. Everything was perfect today, no burnt toasts and no spilled coffees. As you pat yourself on the back, you notice that the light of one of the cabins is on. You have never seen him leave the office and he is always there before you. I guess what you are thinking right now is correct, meet my desk neighbour, workaholic Joe. It's just best to wish him good morning and move on.

On some days when I don't spot him at his desk covered in files, I get worried. He is always there like that kitkat bar in my desk drawer. 

2. The ones who can’t say no

They are the nicest kind of people that you have worked with and oh so positive. Within a minute of meeting you, they will tell you all about themselves, their botox treatment, their kids, favourite food and where they stash their good cookies. You feel as if you have known them for years. Making people feel welcome is what they do best. Eager to help others and making sure that everyone feels heard is their motto.

They seem quite nice in the beginning when they support your ideas but later you realise they just can’t oppose anything. They like all people and they love all ideas, no matter how bad or nonsensical. You always hear them saying things like “Sure, I can make time to do this for you” or “Let's not disagree right away”. These “say yessers” are a common sight in tall buildings and well, everywhere.

3. The one who always comes in sick

No one wants a Ms 'It's just a little cold’ hanging around your desk. With a tissue in hand and the pathogens surrounding them, they generally announce their arrival with a few sneezes or sniffs. In a post pandemic work life, I hope they stay at home or wear a mask. And I mean no ill will when I say this, but when I go back home, I just want to carry my empty tiffin box back home with me, not a cold or sore throat. I have now started keeping a few medicines in my top drawer to help them and myself.

4. The one who has the most messy desk

If they say, “I have your file right here, somewhere” or “hang on till I find my pencil”, it's best to leave right then. If their computer screen is covered with post-its, desk is hidden under a stack of papers, and the guest chair is buried under a pile of outwear, then you are face to face, or should I say, mess to face, with the most messy person in your office. It's difficult to sometimes spot them amidst the pile of stuff on their desk. From their work files, their lunch, last week's lunch wrappers, your missing stapler, their own stapler, a bunch of family photos, they have everything within their arm’s reach. If you are looking for misplaced documents or some lost information, this is the place to look.

5. The one who is the rookie

Their eyes are full of hope, head full of ideas, and a battery that never runs out. They can work overtime without having a breakdown. Powered solely by junk food and enthusiasm, they repeat their motto, “I am so excited to work here, this is my dream job!” They are friendly and eager to learn.

You remember your rookie days but now that volcano of energy has become dormant, am I right? You avoid these people as they are gonna lecture you on how to be more enthusiastic and dedicated. Their vibe is not for you to catch. I came, I saw, I ran. 

The one who is writing this blog

I am the one who is always late, loves to talk loudly on my phone with my daughter when I video call her after her nap. And, if my boss isn't reading this, then most of the time procrastinate till the very last minute. It's not surprising how we all react so differently in the same working environment, but that’s the beauty of it too, isn't it?

I know I have missed out on a whole lot of personalities, so why don’t you tell us in the comments, which ones you think are worth mentioning.

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