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5 Outfits To Catch Up On “That Summer Feeling”

You are in the pool and the outside heat cannot touch you in this cool water. With a cucumber and mint cocktail in hand, you swim away from all your worries to that colourful summer salad waiting for you at the edge of the pool. When Jonathan Richman sings ‘that summer feeling.. With a joy that shall not be tamed’ on spotify, you can totally vibe with it. 

With a long list of tasks still left to do, and the sun shining overhead, there is no other choice than to rub some sunscreen and head out. It's time to jump out of that heavenly pool. Oh yes, for people like me summers are quite sweaty affairs but I don't like to give in easily. After successfully slaying the winter blues, I happily pay my summer dues.

This summer I thought it would be good to pass off my wisdom and share some heat wave friendly styling tips to keep you at the top of your game. 

1. For when you wish you were outside but you are stuck with work

When it's already 5 in the evening and your children are heading towards the park after a long warm day, while you are stuck inside with some office work. You miss their happy voices and excited steps but you have a lot of work to finish. Only a vibrant summer outfit can help you cheer up a little because when you can’t soak up the sun the have some fun. So with a cotton poplin classic shirt or a cotton shirt dress you are set to fly off to your little darlings.  And do not forget to wear sneakers before jolting out the door. 

2. For heading out on weekends when it’s still 40 degrees at 8 o’clock

women belted dress

So finally the weekend has come and you have had the luxury to lay flat under the fan to beat the summer sun. The party for you is opening the refrigerator door and letting it cool your face and the cold touch of the ice cream bucket on your face is heavenly. Home seems comfortable in your tank top and shorts but what if social life calls? 

Well, this is the moment of revelation when you ditch the heavy fabrics and opt for breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, khadi etc. A belted pattern dress with some mother of pearl stud earrings could be your go to companion over the weekend. This fabulous outfit will make it super easy for you to switch from WFH to dinner dates. Just add a clutch and killer heels and prepare for some heads to turn.

3. For spending the whole day outside, unscorched

coord set

Today seems like the perfect day to spend outside. The sun is there but so is the cool breeze. Your lilies, marigolds, bougainvilleas are all smiling and inviting for a languid afternoon gupshup. But the children also want to go to the ice cream parlour. You have to be ready for both with a relaxed outfit with minimum skin abrasion and maximum fluid movement. Co-ord sets are your perfect outdoor day companion. The loosely woven fabric will let you feel the sweet sultry breeze, and the soothing colours will put you at ease. You can layer it with a full sleeved cotton shirt below or knot the shirt on top to protect your arms from tanning and you are all set.

4. For a multitasking woman who runs errands and then to the office

floral dress women

Oh, it's that day again when your feet feel as if they are wheels. You are frantically running inside and out to get things done before starting the office work in the morning. In such a tight schedule, all you need is a great outfit companion. The belted floral dress will not only look chic but will also be super comfortable. It comes with fully functional life saver pockets to help you carry any extra stuff around like a scarf, a lipstick or even a mini perfume to quickly spritz before your meeting! With accessories to the minimum like the baroque pearl earrings to build on the femininity of the look, a wide brimmed hat might help you cool off your head in this prickly summer heat. 

5. For chilling next to the air conditioner and some friends

 It's your monthly reunion with your friends over at their house. The heat doesn’t scare you because you have the perfect summer outfit that’ll not only make you look cool but feel cool as well. The stretch cotton trousers paired with the luxe fitted shirt will help you easily transition from office hours at home to a fun evening with your girls with just a swipe of a bold red lipstick. For some extra bling, other than your megawatt smile, add the three pearl pin earrings because you deserve the best.

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