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5 Versatile Dresses That Every Woman Can Try, Body Shape No Bar

Every woman secretly wants these things in life- Bradley Cooper, diamonds and dresses (if they have pockets then they don’t need the other two). They help you look stylish be it a Monday or a Sunday, style up your fancy brunches and make your ‘not getting out the couch’ days uber comfortable. But there comes the hitch when there is that one dress that you swoon over but are scared that it won’t look great on you.  

So I went ahead and compiled a list of dresses that look good on all body types to make the whole process easier and more enjoyable. I intend to slip it under my sister’s door so she gets a hint and buys some, for both of us. You can have a look at it too.

A-line dresses

I consider them to be the most versatile of the dresses. Fitted at your natural waist and then widening flare till the hem, makes it look good on almost all body sizes. The upper half of your body steals the focus while de-emphasizing the hips and thighs. My personal favourite is the Belted Floral dress. This petite friendly dress is an absolute stunner when paired with strappy sandals.

Shirt dresses

Whether you are short or tall, young or have had many trips around the sun, these dresses would look good either way. I find them to be like a blank canvas with a lot of scope to accessorise. Like the cotton shirt dress falls loosely over the body and the premium cotton fabric does not let it cling to your curves. They offer effortless dressing, it softens your lines and minimizes the attention from the hip area. Those who wish to add more definition can add a wide belt to it. And those who are getting really late for work can just put on their sneakers and run.

Wrap dresses

This is yet another style that agrees with every palette. They define your natural waist by creating a waistline or a faux waistline in some cases. The reason why it looks good on everyone is that it’s enhancing and concealing at the same time. One of the eye-catchers, the twisted front dress, gives the illusion of a wrap dress. The details in the front take the focus out of the abdominal area, making it maternity friendly too.

Asymmetrical hemlines

Versatility and a wide range of styling possibilities have made them a rage among all ages and body types. The uneven fall draws attention to the legs and adds visual interest to your outfit. Depending on which body part to highlight you can choose the dress type that suits you. These dresses will give you the opportunity to flaunt those hundred and tenth pair of shoes that you recently bought.

Midi dresses

A display of femininity and elegance, these dresses are a boon for all women. Various patterns and styles have made them popular among women of different body shapes and fashion preferences. I recommend the Belted patterned dress, a printed midi dress that speaks modesty and elegance. With its simple straight fitting silhouette, it can spark up anyone’s look. It makes you look taller and curvy in all seasons.

It’s true that you should wear whatever makes you feel like the world is under your feet. But sometimes dressing according to your body type can give you a confidence boost. There are so many rules when it comes to dresses but I believe that fun and fashion can go hand in hand when shared and complimented. There is beauty in all colours, shapes and styles and most importantly, in your mirror.

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