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Rewriting The Rules- Redefining What It Means To Be A Working Woman

You open your eyes, early in the morning and there is a smile on your face instead of a frown, and your dog, who is licking away all your worries. You pet him a little and get off the bed, the morning is complete bliss, a sip of coffee, morning newspaper and the view of your garden. You casually prepare for your day without much hustle. Slipping on one of your comfortable t-shirts with a pair of high stretch trousers. You head out the door with a stylish blazer on your arm and sneakers on your feet as you glide to work. You know exactly what you have planned for today and all of it fits perfectly in your schedule leaving plenty of time for the vet’s appointment. 

Yes, change is here, the days of suffocating ourselves with stuffy clothes and packed schedules are behind us and we couldn’t be happier. In the past, most of us adhered to dress codes that were unsuitable for our bodies, our lifestyles and our comfort. As we are ready to partially step into the real world, it is time to redefine what it means to be a working woman -- what our workwear should be, who we are, and how we approach work. We can do our jobs and still be comfortable, in fact, we might be better at our jobs if we are comfortable.

The road to revolution isn’t always easy. With collective efforts, a blend of innovation and creativity, you will be there (only if you want). Also, you aren’t alone, we are here to help!

Why do we want to help you rewrite the rules?

Our recent Instagram polls showed that  67% of women are excited to go back to the office and welcome a hybrid lifestyle. A lot of the excitement comes from the need to socialise and get out of the house. But the apprehension of what lies ahead is not easy to overcome. 85% of those women are demanding a change and aren’t ready to go back to the old unimaginative dress codes and work lives. Some women revealed the unjust measures they had to take to appear professional. “I used to walk into the office with no makeup and dressed in neutral-toned pieces to avoid drawing extra attention,” said one surveyor. 

In the post-pandemic world, workplace attire will become more people-oriented. It will be more individualistic and liberating while staying respectful of the office environment. People now wish to step into the office without sacrificing any of the comforts they’ve gotten used to during the pandemic. “We can’t just not be comfortable anymore, ever,” says Divya, our brand stylist.

To bring in this change, we want to help you rewrite the rules and guide you through what’s acceptable workwear. The rules of office dressing are now more relaxed and more about you than ever before. Rupanshi, Qua’s founder, says, “Mixing casual and smart, emphasizing more on details, fit and shape, introducing joyful prints and colours and elevating the classics, is our vision.”

Rule no. 1

Being a part of the herd for so long and merely surviving isn’t cutting the deal anymore. Women want their voices to be heard, they want to leave a mark. They want to rewrite those unwritten dress codes which curbed their individual personalities, in order to blend in a male-dominated world and feel powerful and confident in their own skins. 

This pause-and-pivot has forever changed how women think of work and workwear. While we all know what we don’t want to take back to the office, we are still struggling with what we do want. What to buy and what to throw away. We promise to hold your hand through it all. We definitely do not want those pants that dig into our waists or those heels that look way better when they are not on our feet. We do need clothes that work with our new hybrid lifestyles, that can be comfortably worn at home and then effortlessly taken to the office or even to social engagements. Dresses that could be worn on date nights, meetings, for a walk around the block or to just sit on the balcony and sip some latte. Move over monotonous pieces in uninspiring colours and bring to work joyful pieces in bold colours, playful prints and shapes that bring cheer even on the dullest of days, that help you stand out and let you truly express your amazing self. Throw in our high-stretch pantsuits, the new jumpsuits, and some luxuriously breathable tees and voila! You have got yourself a brand new stimulating wardrobe of power casuals built specifically for the life you’re living. 


Rule no. 2

Here is the good news, we are going to talk about your career, your work-life balance and above all, your wardrobe. Over the next few weeks, we will focus on what it really means to rewrite all these rules and how to go about it. We will share how the past year has changed our perspectives tectonically about our professional as well as personal lives. A lot needs to change, women are tired of being labelled “aggressive,” when they are being authoritative, or “too emotional” when they empathise. I think it’s time the world hears Helen Reddy roar, “I am strong, I am invincible, I am a Woman!”

All of this would centre around our newfound identities. Women are getting out of this pandemic stronger than ever and there is no stopping them. We want to celebrate this power of femininity with our new campaign. Old rules are out the window now. It’s time for us to rewrite the rules, for our own selves. Women do not and should not have to hide behind the straight, curveless and constricting silhouettes of conventional pantsuits. Suits thoughtfully designed for women’s bodies, that complement their curves, look neat, pressed and well-fitted are a sartorial blessing. Finish your ensembles with minimal yet unconventional jewellery that is worthy of a multi-faceted woman like you.

With so much changing it's going to be hard to reimagine a perfect wardrobe for this hybrid lifestyle. From cubicle to cocktail and from work-from-home to going to the office, all will be sorted when you redefine your priorities. I know I would! It’s not just professionalism that has been redefined, the meaning of workwear has also been reformulated. It is not shapeless and conventional anymore, it is fluid and convenient. Comfort is of paramount importance now more than ever. 

So, take off those heels and let's begin the journey towards something new and exciting, we are very close to having it all.

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