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Blazer Routes

“Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something.” -James Laver

Well, don’t they?

Qua blazers for women

So what’s your excuse of hovering over closets that don’t communicate? Do you like patterns and textures or flex more towards solid staples? What is it that sets the tone for a subtle yet powerful dress code?

Sepia and monochromes are certainly the conventional fuel, but gradients do talk. As esoteric as it seems, it’s never easy to underestimate the impact of a bespoke blazer. A sartorially tailored blazer comes with a tag that expresses a wide aura of emotions while acting as a catalyst to affirm your presence in the room. The constructs and room to uplift formalwear games are just a step away if your wardrobe is stacked with a fine arsenal of blazers. An impeccably cut and thoroughly manoeuvred blazer with bold stitching detail adds a punch of substance to your layering league.

Blazers come in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Based on individual tastes and flairs, an exclusive line of portfolio ramps up. Powerful women from varied backgrounds tend to stow a refined catalogue of blazers. QUA’s dexterity lies in creating individual pieces with the utmost care and verity. It’s not just an idea to create easy-going boardroom silhouettes, but a regime of authentic processes that are involved in behind-the-scene craftsmanship that make the staples a go-to.

Women navy blue blazerNext to the blazer types, come the mixtape of collars, cuts, pockets and buttons, which in total adds depth and character to an over all outfit. The blazer collars have three variations. The ladder starts with the notch style that’s more casual than other counterparts. For those with a bent towards double-breasted styles, peak collars break the note. The last one is the shawl style which appeals to professionals with an improved portfolio and a bold work-to-weekend routine. Looking ahead, the cut of a blazer is something that resonates with the art of tailoring and a confident appeal to kickstart your day. Be it the single-breasted style or the double-breasted version, it’s the null or extra use of fabrics and buttons that set them apart, never mind the occasion. The pockets and buttons depend mostly on the usage and trends that breathe a dose of colour to any blazer.Talking about integrals, there are numerous elements in defining the authenticity of a blazer. First comes the basic types. It includes the American, British and Italian profiles. A classic American blazer has an effortless appeal and encompasses a single vented back, low armholes, absence of padding on shoulders and three buttons on sleeve hems. A slightly enhanced variation can be seen in the British blazers that have a rigid profile and sports surgeon's cuffs, structured shoulders and a more defined midsection. Last but the most selective one is an Italian blazer, which is the top-notch choice for confident managers and creative individuals alike. More fitted than the British styles, it clubs padded shoulders, high lapels, flapless pockets and light-weight fabric build.

Considering the silhouettes and fits, the blazers and suits in QUA’s collection are made with premium, light-weight and breathable fabrics, making them exalt a sense of fresh air to any modern woman’s capsule. Integration, balance and a pinch of heart act as a kernel in their omnipresent designs. When it comes to power dressing, a routine is key to build an exquisite repertoire. Layering talks effortlessly when the crisp creases and darts in your shirt or trousers take a step back. From writers to media scions to veterans, everyone likes to maintain a bold and refined wardrobe, be it stacking a cool pair of trousers or a handful of accessories. But a blazer is something that will always uplift anybody’s game, and the more you care for such essentials in and out of the closet, they will undoubtedly be more than just an investment.

So if you believe in capturing moments with ease, make sure you layer it up. It might look minute, but it does matter.


Shown: Powder Pink Textured Blazer, Midnight Blue Wool Tailored Blazer, Oxford Blue Crepe Modern Blazer

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