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Revamp Your Closet With Major Life Changes

As a society and as individuals, we all go through changes throughout our lives, sometimes they’re due to professional necessity, such as switching careers or they are more personal like fluctuations in weight and most of these times what gets left behind is our wardrobe which just doesn’t suit the new lifestyle anymore. 

No one was prepared for the monumental change we all went through last year.The pandemic transformed us all in irrevocable ways. I became a mother in January and along with the baby and the responsibilities, came insecurities. I used to take a lot of pride in how I looked but now, none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. And it wasn’t just me. People’s lives were changing all around. Some were moving to new cities while others were leaving jobs to become entrepreneurs.

Navigating through major life changes can be complicated. But one thing you don’t have to worry about is upgrading your wardrobe because we are going to help you through it all. Here are a few easy ways to make changes in your wardrobe without burning a hole in your pocket.

For a career switch

After a year of introspection, around 35 percent of people are thinking of switching jobs in the next 12 months. Dressing appropriately to make a good first impression can be nerve-racking. If you’re switching to a more formal industry, start by investing in timeless and foundational pieces to go along with the basics that you might already have. A classic blazer like The Indra is a perfect power piece to start fresh. Not only will the soft and stretchable fabric ensure comfort but the hourglass tailored silhouette will also polish up your dresses or shirts

Switching to a more casual environment means less restrictions and more experimentation. Make t-shirts your wardrobe staple. Pair them with denims, sneakers and chunky gold hoops for a look that screams comfy chic. Add more finesse to the look with the Asima Blouse. A casual environment calls for a fun yet polished outfit like the Kalpana Jumpsuit. Its loungewear comfort and gorgeous colour will make it one of your go-to’s.

For size fluctuations

Women constantly go through biological changes like pregnancy, menstruation or menopause that change our shape and size. Dresses that can be worn with a loss or gain of a few kilos are best to splurge on. For instance, the elasticated waist of the Sania Dress adjusts to your fit, not the other way around. The Vani Dress is another versatile pick whether you’ve gained or lost weight. Cut in a relaxed fit, it has a detachable belt that can be tied as loose or tight as you want.

For Maternity and postpartum

For soon-to-be working mothers, you need nothing more than The Neerja dress. With a lot of room to grow, it will keep you comfy throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The breathable cotton fabric will make the work effortless and the delightful floral print will bring some solace on those rough days.

For new mothers, easy care fabrics are the best deal. Life with a newborn can get messy so you need clothes that can be tossed in the laundry with no hassles. Comfortable clothes like The Pal t-shirt, are super stretchy and running around seems like a sport. With newborns you have to be cautious of the jewellery that you put on. If it's easier to be grabbed, or pulled off, then it's a big no. Wear pieces that do not dangle and are closer to your skin like the stunning Sen and Chandy studs. 

For moving to a different climate

Moving is more than just a change of scenery, it's a change of your wardrobe. Moving to a warmer climate requires lots of sunscreen, hats and fabrics that do not stick. Instead of going for the usual tank tops, try the Anjali dress. Its white colour and cotton fabric will make you heat ready. Or if you are someone who wants to cover up to stay away from the tan, The Kom jumpsuit will keep the heat away. The sleeves cut right before the elbow gives you coverage and the viscose adds the necessary stretch and breathability.

Waiting for that time of the year when it snows is the fun of moving to a cooler climate. The hot coffee with warm marshmallows and the bonfires is heavenly. So, don’t forget to take the Indra Blazer for being cozy and comfortable. The Arunima blouse will be a perfect option for layering along for the winters. 

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